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Australia, achieving Net Zero Carbon starts with you.

Actions taken locally, through your local council, make a global environmental difference and help Australia achieve Net Carbon Zero. By changing our attitude to waste, Australians can reduce energy costs, create revenues for local governments, all while cleaning up our environment and creating a better tomorrow. Act local, think global, be sustainable.

Who Are We

our philosophy

We need an action plan that actively reduces our usage of fossil fuels and sets us on a path to Net Zero.


To provide an environmental action plan that is backed by technology and implemented by everyday Australians to achieve Net Zero Carbon.


We want to activate people at the grassroot level to participate and leave a better planet for our children to live in.


We have partnered with cutting edge technology companies to reduce the impact of climate change and pollution caused by the mistakes of the past.

Who Are We


If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Community to drive the environmental change that our Governments seem reluctant or incapable of doing.
As Australian’s we all know that change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. So with the “Why” taken care of, Green Councils are here to provide the “How”. We do this by providing innovative and proven turn-key solutions for our councils to easily deploy in your area. There are no more excuses that we don’t know what to do or we can’t afford it, as we will even provide the financing to make it all happen.

The Green Councils platform provides a full range of accredited businesses and innovative solutions specializing in converting YOUR waste to energy, renewables wind, solar and biomass, plus “Breaking the Loop” on Forever Chemicals like the nasty PFAS.

This Community of businesses driven by the principles of ESG:
E – Environmental Waste & Clean Energy
S – Social: Solving the feeling of hopelessness can’t do anything to help
G – Governance: Transparent reporting on where our waste is going and how that is helping/hindering our march to Net Zero.

Your community starts with you.

Green Energy

Creating Green Energy

Green Councils with our partner Oze Energy provides a technology platform to transform your waste into your energy.

Let’s face it, we are not going to achieve Net Zero by continuing to buy our fossil fuel energy from other countries or allowing a few big companies to dig it up and burn it.

We sure can achieve Net Zero by separating our rubbish, changing the way we process our waste and converting all that into clean green energy.

Our pay back is cheaper
– Energy costs,
– Reduce landfills,
– New revenue for our councils to reinvest into the community, and
– Cleaner greener environment.


Not going to landfill

Green Waste

Getting composted

Waste Water

Growing tomorrows energy


Your #2’s are the key to regenerative soil management for future generations


Our farmers are the provider of abundant renewable energy

The Sun

Shines every day

The Wind

Blows harder in Canberra

Green Energy

Organics: Green Waste, Biosolids and Food Scraps

Turning our Organic waste to new Top Soil

Top Soil Erosion

The world has a major problem with diminishing top soil. This is not just a problem in that we don’t have enough land to feed ourselves, its also a major contributor to Global Warming as millions of tons of Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere everyday. What’s wrong with nitrogen? Well one unit of nitrogen is 296 units of CO2 equivalent in contributing to global warming.

Organic Waste

Organic Waste such as food scraps, green waste (tree/grass clippings etc) and biosolids (your # 2), is the 3rd biggest contributor to global warming in landfills.

Green Energy

We take your #2 and blend it with the other organic waste to make it the #1 in regenerative farming fertilizer. It also contributes to our farmers being able to sequester millions of tons of CO2 back into our soil as they make more Green Energy to drive Australia’s economy towards Net Zero.

Green Energy

Plastics & Rubber: Electricity & Biofuels

Australian Green Energy
As much as the environment would like us to all be driving around in electric cars, the truth is combustion cars are going to be with us for some time yet.

That doesn’t mean we can’t “Green” them up by using biofuels that come from renewable sources.

By converting your waste plastics, rubber and getting our farmers to grow biomass, your Council can now provide a range of fuel options through our energy partners OzeEnergy:

1) Ethanol – E10 guaranteed direct from our farmers
2) Biodiesel – From our farmers and your rubbish
3) Hydrogen – From our farmers and your waste water Electricity for our EV
4) Vehicles and Homes – From the sun that shines, the wind that blows and the rain that falls
Buying Energy created directly by our Farmers & your waste.

Green Energy

Waste Water

Unfortunately not all loops are good, especially when we are talking about Forever Chemicals like PFAS. These are the nasty chemicals that never go away and accumulate in our environment, contaminating our drinking water and lodging in the food we eat. Compounding this issue is the fact our current waste water processing systems don’t account for these nastiest of Chemicals. This means that every day we are releasing “Treated” water, which is contaminated with Forever Chemicals, back into our environment. Yes we dump this water into creeks, rivers and our oceans, these chemicals are going right back into the water we swim in, drink and grow our food in. Slowly accumulating day by day in our environment and in us.

Green Councils is committed to breaking this loop by destroying them where we find them, in our landfill leachate and waste water treatment plants. The creation of a treatment system that doesn’t just put them straight back into our environment, needs implementing today.

Green Energy


Australian economy domestically generated 465,818 tonnes of e-waste in 2016-17, with 54.4 per cent, going to landfill. The data also show that households overwhelmingly produce the bulk of e-waste in Australia, so that issue lays directly with you and me.

E-waste ending up in landfill presents a few nasty problems in the Forever Chemicals and other hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. All these nasties get washed down through the landfill and end up in the leachate, which if not managed properly ends up in our ground water.

So lets get our councils to stop putting these items in landfill and lets start recycling and recovering them for use in the next generation of computers, TV’s and even electric vehicles.

Your Council

Buy Local, Buy Green

Green Councils can facilitate buying green energy directly from your council, not some big corporation or foreign country.
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more power
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Cleaner energy

Green Councils

All energy retailers buy their electricity from the wholesale electricity market, where prices are set every 30 minutes by the government’s Australian Energy Market Operator.

With Green Councils, we enable your council to buy cheap energy at wholesale rates and supplement this energy with green renewable energy.


It's a cheaper greener way to buy power, stop landfills and actively achieve Net Zero faster.

Sharing Clean Green Energy

If you have solar to export, the council can use this power in its grid too, plus you will get paid the real-time wholesale price for it.

It’s sharing clean green energy for the benefit of all!

enhance your community

Green Councils


Get Involved

Buying Green Energy

Now you can save $$$$$ while supporting renewables
  • If we want wholesale prices of energy to get lower we need to add more renewables, especially those that can provide 24/7 access to reliable energy.
  • While wind and solar are the backbones of todays renewable energy grids, it’s the use of plastics, rubbers, biosolids and biomass that will give us 24/7 renewable energy when we need it most.
  • All these valuable resources exist right now, we just put them in the landfill, cover them with dirt and create more nasty green house gases and poisonous water leachate. ‍
  • We need you to show your Council there is a different way, that’s cheaper and greener energy.
  • In doing so, you are also building demand for more renewable energy projects to be built and reducing our reliance on Fossil Fuels across Australia.

clean tech

Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

It’s sharing clean green energy for the benefit of all.
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CO 2 Reduction

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Why Now

Get Involved

Our current infrastructure took 30 years to build - we need to replace it in less than 15 years

If the investment comes too late, NSW consumers face much higher electricity prices

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Cleaner energy

Get Involved


How to make it happen?

All it takes is 1 person per Council to make this change happen.

Want to be that person that leads your community to a clean green future? Register here and find out how?

Our Partners

Long term environmental sustainability is only achievable through sustainable profit. Green Councils is able to deliver this low cost sustainability through its carefully selected partners and their cutting edge technologies

Sydney University

We make lives better by producing leaders of society and equipping our people.

Oze Energy

Australian Energy,
for Australians,
made by Australians


Healthy, low sugar, high fiber food products that are delightfully chemical free

HWL Ebsworth

HWL Ebsworth is a commercial law firm that operates throughout Australia.


Breaking the loop on Forever Chemicals

Price Waterhouse Cooper

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network.


Cleaning the worlds most important resource – Water.


InRim was incorporated to undertake the integration, commercialisation, and operation of leading-edge technology waste-to-energy processes.

Australian Vermiculture

Transforming the world with worms

Constructive Energy

Building Australia’s Green Energy Solutions


Rebuilding our soil to grow the healthy food of our future


Breaking the loop on Forever Chemicals

Green Councils

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